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Time Series Data Migration

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Time Series Data Migration


We  a requirement to migrate timeseries database from FAME to timeseries database of Sybase RAP.  Sybase RAP may require SAS analytics on top. We have below queries.

(a) Each vendor store timeseries data in its own optimized way. No open standards exists. What is the best way, practices for timeseries data migration?

(b) Can timeseries migration performed  by ETL?

(c) Kindly send any documentation, links for reference in the areas of timeseries data migration?

(d) What are the best ways of optimizations, performance for timeseries data?

(e) How do we  migrate from sqlserver timeseries data to Sybase RAP?


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Time Series Data Migration

It's hard to give advice on such a complex task as a system migration, especially when SAS is not directly involved, as I understand, in the current solution.

b) As long as they are represented as relational data, ETL can be used to create/maintain time series data.

e) This is not really a SAS question. Once you sort out how to migrate, then you can decide whether you can/will use SAS for the migration.

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Time Series Data Migration

Hello -

I agree with @LinusH that it is hard to give advice - however I thought it would be useful to share that SAS provides ACCESS engines to both Sybase and FAME.

For access Sybase check out:

For access to FAME data check out:



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