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I get it; you’re busy. And this is a busy online community. Messages come in all throughout the day and night. You might miss some of them. Well, I’m here to help. Starting this month I will be sending out monthly messages that contain three things I think you’ll want to know about. You may have already seen them, but maybe you haven’t. And a refresher is always good, right?


The things may come from this admin community, from blogs (both inside and outside of SAS), from our new admin support area on the Web…basically anywhere!


So let’s start off with three things from August 2017:

  • Have you registered for the Security, Best Practices, Validation and Monitoring WebEx hosted by SUGA? It’s Sept. 12, 3:00-4:00pm ET. By registering, you can attend live and receive the on-demand link for viewing later.
  • Did you see this really intriguing thread on How do you manage SAS? Even if you don’t contribute to it, it’s worth a read. You may come away with a new idea or two.
  • Roberto Melendez of SAS has written a great blog post on making the sas.servers script look pretty. He provides the steps for applying color and an easy-to-read layout to make the script look cute and even fun!

What do you think? Have I missed something important this month? If so, reply with your thoughts. Let’s all learn from each other!

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CLI in SAS Viya

Learn how to install the SAS Viya CLI and a few commands you may find useful in this video by SAS’ Darrell Barton.

Find more tutorials on the SAS Users YouTube channel.

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