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This Kernel requires an 86-64 CPU...

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This Kernel requires an 86-64 CPU...

We are getting this message on Windows 10 64 bit operating system (See attached WindowsSystem.png). The VirtualBox, though, only shows 32 bit Windows options (See attached Windows32bit.png)? How do I get it to recognize that it is on a 64 bit system.

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Re: This Kernel requires an 86-64 CPU...

You shouldn't be changing those settings. They're for the VM OS version not your OS version. 


I believe the correct setting is Redhat Linux 64bit. 


At any rate, follow the installation instructions. 

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Re: This Kernel requires an 86-64 CPU...

I had a siimilar issue recently for an unrelated project.  A little googling at the time turned up a few things to check...this doesn't appear to be a SAS-only concern.


Your Host OS is 64-bits (obviously is)
Check that Intel Virtualization Technology and VT-d are both enabled in the BIOS.
Ensure that he Hyper-V platform is disabled in your Windows Feature list.


If these don't help, you may want to check the Virtualbox forums to see if others fixed it.



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