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Testing Procedure After Upgrade to SAS 9.4

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Testing Procedure After Upgrade to SAS 9.4

Hi All,


We will be having an upgrade from 9.4 M2 to 9.4 M4 soon, What is best practice for testing after upgrade and what to test to make sure everything work properly? Is there any script that can be used to test available out there?


Thank you for your input.

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Re: Testing Procedure After Upgrade to SAS 9.4

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for Foundation products, take a look at the following SAS Note:

Installation Note 50634: Introduction to the SAS® Operational Qualification Tool


For the platform, you could use the Deployment Tester, see:

The Deployment Tester diagnoses and assesses your environment after an install.


When you upgraded/migrated, make sure all SAS servers are coming up, as a first step, or, are started in the correct order:

The following provides an overview of the start order:


Other than that - if servers are coming up fine - testing clients.


Hope that helps.




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Re: Testing Procedure After Upgrade to SAS 9.4

Don't forget to test your Production SAS applications as well. Just testing infrastructure isn't enough in my opinion. You may want to go as far as checking you get the same outputs as well just to be on the safe side.

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Re: Testing Procedure After Upgrade to SAS 9.4

Adding briefly to @SASKiwi I would suggest running the old/new version comparisons on the same machine. Sometimes odd things pop-up when running identical code that are hardware or network connectivity related that may be confused with different results believed to be caused by an upgrade that may not be so.



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