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Terminating lingering SAS Grid jobs.

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Terminating lingering SAS Grid jobs.

Hello, how can I configure the Grid to automatically kill jobs that run longer than a week? Or am I going to have to write a bash script? Smiley Happy

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Re: Terminating lingering SAS Grid jobs.

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Hello @kcpython,


well, you can very well do this taks with a script, but LSF can handle orphan jobs as well:


LSF administrator enables the feature at the cluster level 
by defining a cluster-wide termination grace period
with the parameter ORPHAN_JOB_TERM_GRACE_PERIOD in the lsb.params file.
The cluster-wide termination grace period applies to all dependent jobs in the cluster.

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Re: Terminating lingering SAS Grid jobs.

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What defines a job as an orphan? Or is setting a run time wall a more appropriate way of handling this?

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