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Template for SAS stored processes

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Template for SAS stored processes

In order to automate our release process, I’m attempting to generate a template for SAS stored processes which are used as part of our production system.

The process we are attempting is as follows:

  1. Export a stored process from SAS Management Console which generates a *.spk package.
  2. Rename the .spk to .zip and uncompress this file and edit the contents directly including “ConnectionMapping.xml”, “DeployMap.xml”, and “TransportMetadata”. I’m doing this noting that ConnectionMapping and DeployMap both say <!--IMPORTANT: This file should not be edited.-->. However, I am only editing the folder name of the stored process from ‘Analytics’ to ‘@AnalyticsEnvironment’
  3. Compress these edited files to a *.zip and rename this back into an *.spk package
  4. Import the package back into the SAS Console.

However, this gives me the following Import Error:  “No package metadata.”

Is there a better way to do this? If not, how can I resolve this error?

My SAS and OS information are as follows:

Product Name: Office Analytics

SAS software release: SAS 9.4M2

Operating system: Windows Server 2012 R2

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Re: Template for SAS stored processes

I haven't tried it, but maybe the batch export and import tool would meet your needs?

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Re: Template for SAS stored processes

Yep Quentin, that is one of the options having those tools to do the replacement. Another is  avoiding the need for any replacement at all by using environment vars.
Nothing there to change, no need for an update of source/settings. This is a better fulfillment of those requirements with release management that you shouldn't change anything when deploying after the testing/validating.

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