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Standalone install of Eminer client 12.1 on Windows 8

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Standalone install of Eminer client 12.1 on Windows 8

I am trying to install Eminer client 12.1 as a standalone application on Windows 8

(the idea is to use the client to connect to an Eminer server on another machine)

So on set I do not choose a planned deployment

On the next screen I deselect all software and select just Eminer client

The problem is what do i use  as SAS Environment URL ...the sas-environment.xml file???

The installation finishes without errors but when I try to start EM client I get the error: Unable to find environment file

What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Standalone install of Eminer client 12.1 on Windows 8

Ah, you want to connect to a server. You need the adress to reach that server.

Nothing wrong but you missed that essential infroamtion. It is defined in a XML file. Get the adress and adjust it.

Some additional notes:
- Be sure on the same/version fix level.

- think about the java version you are using.  you can copy that having a jpre.

  Goal not being surprised by java updates changing the versions as needed keeping the browser secure.

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Re: Standalone install of Eminer client 12.1 on Windows 8


We need to provide the SAS enviornment file location while installing Eminer client but if you skip that you can still add the file and start the application .

Without having the value for the Environment file we can not launch the client .

Here is a note from SAS sites which gives step by step instruction for the same :

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Re: Standalone install of Eminer client 12.1 on Windows 8

You might be installing the wrong thing.  I *think* there are 2 versions of eminer.  One is for the server environment, the other is for a desktop environment.  I recall having to select the one I wanted. Choose the one that indicates a Workstation, if there is an option.

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Re: Standalone install of Eminer client 12.1 on Windows 8

Jared, this is the description of the the two configurations. They are basically the same version.

The Foundation is running the STAT procedures also the same. The midtier is needed. It is saying the services are installed on the desktop.

I have seen this being done as all known services known of the server approach. In what other way could you run the same software on different configurations. The license is an other story to be done.

Starting SAS Enterprise Miner  (® Enterprise Miner13.1: Reference Help)

Your SAS Enterprise Miner software was installed in one of two configurations: Workstation or Enterprise Client. Either configuration provides complete Enterprise Miner capabilities.

The Enterprise Miner Workstation uses SAS services that run on your personal computer or laptop computer. The SAS Deployment Wizard will configure these services during installation.

Enterprise Client
The Enterprise Client connects to remote SAS servers using the SAS Web Infrastructure Platform (WIP). Your organization’s SAS system administrator must first install Enterprise Miner on a server, and then ensure that the WIP is running before you can log into a client / server session.

SAS 9 Platform Details
Here are the components of the SAS 9 platform:
The SAS Metadata Server is a central repository for information about SAS such as user names and passwords, user rights, server locations. Administrators use the SAS Management Console to manage the SAS Metadata Server.
The SAS Foundation Server is the traditional SAS language and procedures server. The data mining functions all run on the Foundation Server. Client systems present a user interface for entering and generating SAS code, managing processes, and visualizing result sets. SAS Enterprise Miner 13.1 clients are implemented using Java technology.
The Web Infrastructure Platform (WIP) functions as a single point of access for multiple clients, and it maintains data mining connections even when you end your Enterprise Miner client session. Multiple users can connect to a single instance of the Enterprise Miner shared components running in the WIP server. The Enterprise Miner shared components are implemented using Java technology.

In the Workstation configuration, all processing occurs locally and no connections to SAS Metadata Server and SAS Foundation Server are needed.

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