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Stakeholder perception-How do we measure it?

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Stakeholder perception-How do we measure it?

Hi, good morning. My name is Murali Sastry and I am new to sas community forum.


As a new student of Analytics, I had this question for the regular users of this forum.

As data analysts and scientists, we provide services to stakeholders that support, sponsor, and are key to our success.

In order to understand their perception from problem understanding through solution deployment (following analytic life cycle from problem understanding to receiving feedback on suitability of provided analytic solution to business problem from stakeholders) of analytic solution, is there a proven measuring method or tool developed to measure their perception?

In my opinion, it is crucial to understand stakeholder perception through every stage of the analytic lifecycle to provide the most effective solution to the business problem. 


Thank you 


Murali Sastry

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Re: Stakeholder perception-How do we measure it?

A very interesting subject, indeed.

But I think that SAS Communities is not the ideal place, since here we concern mainly of the actual use of the software.

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Re: Stakeholder perception-How do we measure it?

Hi LinusH,

Thank you for your candid response. I have posed the same question in other communities i.e., All Analytics and other LinkedIn communities and hoping to receive a response.


It is obvious in project management that stakeholder perceptions play a major role in project "go" or "no go". 

Thank you,


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Re: Stakeholder perception-How do we measure it?

Hi Mr. Jakaraman

Thank you for your prompt response on this question. You have brought great insights to the issues relating to the stakeholder perception.

I appreciate it.



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Re: Stakeholder perception-How do we measure it?

Murali, it is a interesting question although not a coding or technical working instruction.

There are several area-s where the perception on what is going on is important:

- Stakeholders assuming the technical implementation of tools is the real problem to get solved

- Stakeholders wiht high expectations as of hyping words that all their questions ar getting solved now

- The tool implmentators being locked in in their technical stuff without understanding analytic goals.

- The tool implmentators not being aligend to business/stakeholders data governance pollicies and data access

- The analytical guy trying to understand some (not all) of stakeholder questions

- The analytical guy trying to get access to meaningfull data needing some 80% of the time for this. (data governance issues)

There is a lot of misunderstandings, but how can you measure those?  
No measurements data on that than it is difficult to mak a dashbord or some analyse of that.

---->-- ja karman --<-----
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