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Splitting SAS Depot

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Splitting SAS Depot

Hello Everyone,

I am having a strange requirement on SAS Depot, I am not sure if its strange for me only or for others too.

I am having this SAS Depot for 9.4 version, which is of 35 GB space. I just want to supply one product (SAS information map studio) to my team at other location. Can it be possible to split my giant SAS Depot (will hell lot of products) into a small installable depot which only contains one or two products.

Please help me on this if somebody already done it.



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Re: Splitting SAS Depot

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You're describing depot subsetting, it's documented in the Intelligence Platform Administration guide, chapter 3,

"Creating a SAS Software Depot - Subsetting SAS Software Orders"

Try this direct link

SAS(R) 9.4 Intelligence Platform: Installation and Configuration Guide

If that doesn't work you can navigate from

SAS Intelligence Platform

I know you can subset by client products only, but I believe you can also subset by individual products, see if Information Map Studio is one of those choices.

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Re: Splitting SAS Depot

You could avoid the SAS depot problem at all.  When it is about installing java cliënts at another location
The disadvantage is SAS people will be unhappy the advantage is your desktop administrators will be happy.

As java is not having any impact on you windows registry or you windows dll's you can do a "copy deployment only" action by copying those files in your <sashome>/subfolders to another location.

No admin rights needed no ICT being needed no special rights needed for installing needed.  ( common is closed desktops)

Maybe you have to adjust some ini files and java locations. Having memory constraints you should review/edit those files also -XMX SAS(R) 9.2 Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide, Second Edition (ensuring adequate memory). With that approach you should make the original used installation safe as when fixes are needed and applied all has to be copied again to those others.

This is however having less impact as needing is repackages in a bubble. 

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