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Setting up remote submission

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Setting up remote submission

Good Morning,

I just started at a new company, and I have 9.3 on my computer, however for most processing I use remote desktop to connect to a server in another state, and run 9.3 via that.  I have all the drives from that server mapped onto my local machine, so I would like to set up my local copy to be able to submit the process on the remote machine.

After doing some googling, it seems SAS/Connect is what I need to do this - is this correct?  If anyone has any information about how I can go about setting this up, I would really appreciate it.



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Re: Setting up remote submission

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Here is what i (we) did:

Install SAS/Connect on the remote (UNIX) system.  Then install the Spawner on that system.


Once that is done, you can allocate the remote libraries on your local system using a LIBNAME with server= and run you code on the local system with access to all the remote data.

If that is not the way you want to go - once the remote system has the spawner on it, you can connect from your local system to the remote system through the spawner.  Then you can take a block of code on the local system and use "RSUBMIT" (remote submit) to submit it to be run on the remote system.

Hope this helps.

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