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Setting Initial SAS USS Environment

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Setting Initial SAS USS Environment

This is the first time I've installed SAS using OMVS.  I am very familiar with the traditional install,but the my familiarity with OMVS and how the SAS Install is implemented using USS is at best a work in progress.

That said, I have created my SAS Software Depot,and I thought I had made it accessible to Z/OS.  However, went to the the SAS Depot location directory, and tried to execute setup.rexx and I keep getting the message that says:

setup.rexx:  FSUM7351 not found

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Re: Setting Initial SAS USS Environment

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You should become familiar with Unix. It looks like IBM is abandoning MVS and moving to Unix. Anyway a lot of the kernal functions are running by Posix. That is for IBM tools and others like SAS.

Your message is indicating there is a problem on that part. Just Google ibm. this HTML class.

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