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Security Question SAS VA - designer and viewer

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Security Question SAS VA - designer and viewer

Hello all,


We have the following problem


We have a library for Domain A:

Dataset 1

Dataset 4

Dataset 5


for Domain B:

Dataset 2


for domain C:

dataset 3

We have a report "Dashboard" which uses

- Dataset 1 (Domain A)

- Dataset 2 (Domain B)

- Dataset 3 (Domain C)


This report is placed in a separate folder "Management Reports"


We want the "Management-user" to be able to see the report "Dashboard". He can create new reports on this datasets 1,2,3 but we don't want him to see/use datasets 4,5 in library A. 


We also don't want to load the data twice in a separate library for the Management Dashboard.


If we give the rights for the Management user to library A,B,C and he has designer rights. He can create new reports on datasets 4,5.



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Re: Security Question SAS VA - designer and viewer



a few questions:


Did you assign the permissions in VA or SAS Management Console, and, if the latter, did you assign

the permissions on the SAS Folders?


If a user is not allowed to access a data set, you would have to deny permissions on that data set,

for that user.

The problem with that is, if there are several users that have access to some of the data sets

in domain A, B and C, but not to others, it can become hard to administer this.


Would it maybe be possible to modify the domain A, B and C as such either the data sets the

users have access to are in one lib/folder, and the ones not accessable in another.

Or, would it maybe make sense to not have domains A, B and C and just one lib/folder, then

assigning permissions to the data sets?

It wouldnt be the best way as it is always recommended to assign permissions on the folders

rather than data sets. Yet in the described case where different folders and different data sets in

these folders are used, not sure that there is much you could do other than the permissions

on the lowest level (= tables).


Can you provide some more info on the data sets and folders and the users that need to have access to?

As mentioned above, I'd be curious about whether this is one situation for one certain user,

or, if this is a general set up.






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Re: Security Question SAS VA - designer and viewer

In Sas Management Console on folder level.


Is it not possible to arrange this with Designer and Viewer (SAS VA)?

If the user only has viewer rights for the dataset, he can only view reports and not create reports himself/herself.

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