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Scheduling in Windows SAS

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Scheduling in Windows SAS

Hi Guys,

I have 2 questions. Any help would be appreciated.

a) We are in the process of automating SAS codes. Are there any schedulers other than windows scheduler that can be leveraged in Windows SAS environment?
b) Can we do conditional execution in Windows scheduler e.g. Job 2 executes only after completion of Job 1. And If Job 1 fails then does not trigger Job 2



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Re: Scheduling in Windows SAS

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ad a) Four ways to schedule SAS tasks - SAS Users Groups

ad b) You might want to redirect the log of your SAS program to a text file anyway, if you plant to let your programms run automatically. Then it shouldn't be difficult to let a SAS-program check whether its predecessor ran successfully or not and to conditionally perform a task. (Which would be a conditional SAS-execution and not a conditional Windows excecution.)

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Re: Scheduling in Windows SAS

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To the remarks made by user24feb:

- Pretty good post from SAS User Groups Smiley Happy

- You have some more options for scheduling, and the one that fits better in your needs, it is something for you to decide:

     - SAS Grid Manager : pretty expensive license, but includes Platform Computing for Scheduling (with its beautiful functionalities) and will add you nice features like parallel processing, load balanding, high availability and improved scheduling.

     - You can use your own Enterprise Scheduler: it will require from you to do some manual work, but it has some good advantages, like the possibility to integrate your SAS processes with other processes within your Enterprise flows.

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