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Sas AML tool

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Sas AML tool

Hi All,
I am new to Sas and i want to get training in Sas language and hands on sas Anti money laundaring tool (AML).please let me know following things
-will sas university addition will give me hands on experience for AML tool?
-If no what are options we have to learn and have hands on experience in the area of AML
-how time or training is required to learn this particular module.

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Re: Sas AML tool

Unfortunately SAS UE does not cover AML. In any case the AML product is usually highly customised for each company's requirements, and the regulatory requirements of where the company operates - these vary from country to country.


If you are not already working for a company implementing or using AML I'd suggest trying to learn about it in isolation is a bit pointless. This type of product is best learnt in a hands-on situation.

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