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SSL-Configuration Error

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SSL-Configuration Error

Hello Team


During SSL Configuration we faced an issue on  Load content stage of SAS Web Infrastructure Platform.


Issue is

"Load Content failed for: SAS Web Infrastructure Platform while loading templates No Subject alternative DNS Name is matching"


After completing installation we successfully imported the certiifcate in SAS Security certificate framework through SAS Deployment Manager.


On certificate i noticed server name and subjet alternative name is different is this will be issue ?

Can anyone guide us what will be the issue.

SAS Version:9.4M3


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Re: SSL-Configuration Error

The Subject Alternative Name (SAN) is meant to be different. It allows a single certificate to be used with multiple DNS names. A common example is a certificate for that has a SAN for so the server can be accessed using either name without triggering certificate validation errors. Another example is a server that might be accessed internally as and externally as (SAN). You can also have multiple SANs on a certificate.

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