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Hi All,


I am creating migration package using using properties file on the linux sas server( has compute,metadata and middle) . It is giving me an error when migrating sas conent manager data. When I  run the smu94 with  -analyze option, it does not give me any errors.

Server info:

OS: 'LIN X64', Release: '2.6.32-573.1.1.el6.x86_64

SAS Version: '9.04.01M3P06242015


2016-07-25 15:18:58,397 [DEBUG ] Task SCSExecute.Execute.delete completed.
2016-07-25 15:18:58,397 [DEBUG ] Task SCSExecute.Execute.SCSDump started.
2016-07-25 15:18:58,397 [DEBUG ] {SCSExecute.Execute.SCSDump}  Copying repository to: /sasuser/sas_mig_util_out/
2016-07-25 15:18:58,605 [DEBUG ] {SCSExecute.Execute.SCSDump}  Sending copy request to:
2016-07-25 15:18:58,701 [ERROR ] {SCSExecute.Execute.SCSDump}  Repository Exception trying to copy repository.
2016-07-25 15:18:58,701 [ERROR ] {SCSExecute.Execute.SCSDump}  Check for messages in the application server log.
2016-07-25 15:18:58,701 [DEBUG ] Task SCSExecute.Execute.SCSDump completed.
2016-07-25 15:18:58,701 [ERROR ] Task SCSExecute.Execute.SCSDump threw Exception Repository Exception trying to copy repository.  HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden.
2016-07-25 15:18:58,701 [DEBUG ] Target SCSExecute.Execute completed.
2016-07-25 15:18:58,701 [ERROR ] Target SCSExecute.Execute threw Exception Repository Exception trying to copy repository.  HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden.
2016-07-25 15:18:58,701 [ERROR ] {SCSExecute.Execute}  Target 'Execute' failed with message 'Repository Exception trying to copy repository.  HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden'.
2016-07-25 15:18:58,701 [FATAL ] Item-> Fatal null Product  This extension threw an exception: "Repository Exception trying to copy repository.  HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
Please advice on this.


SAS Employee

Hi Naga,


what user ID are you using for running the migration? Are you using sasadm@saspw, or any other unrestricted user?

One of the errors you are receiving is a 403, which is typically an indication for permission problems.


i understand you are getting this error during the SAS Content Server migration? Or are you referring to the Content Manager Server in DataFlux??


If Content Server, could you please go to SAS Management Console, Server Manager, and VALIDATE the Content Server?

(right mouse click on Content Server, VALIDATE).

In case it would come back with an error message, what error are you getting?






SAS Employee
Please check if the following properties are correctly set in the file:

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