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SASACCESS Oracle problem

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SASACCESS Oracle problem

Hi, I am having a strange problem attempting to connect to Oracle using SAS 9.1 - connecting to an Oracle 11gR2 system - SAS 9.1 includes a hotfix that enables compatibility with Oracle 10g - we have this same setup working on many systems but for some reason on this particular system it is not working:

Note the error message:  ORALIB  Ôö

I am wondering if this is an Oracle exception coming back that is not getting displayed properly?  I can connect to the database using sqlplus so the problem is not on the database side. 

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Re: SASACCESS Oracle problem

Hello, posting back the solution.  I contacted SAS support and was pointed to this note:

In my case, the problem was that the people who installed Oracle installed 64 bit database software (other parts of the application require 64 bit oracle) version and then also added 32-bit libraries necessary for SAS (as of Oracle 11gR2 the lib32 directory is no longer shipped with the 64 bit software) but with a version of  This version discrepancy is the cause of the problem I asked about.

Just in case anyone finds this with the same problem I thought I'd post up the solution in my case.


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