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SAS9.4 product specific configuration for SAS/ACCESS

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SAS9.4 product specific configuration for SAS/ACCESS


I have installed and configured SAS9.4 on AIX machine through SAS deployment manager. Now I need to do product specific configuration for SAS/ACCESS interface to Oracle, DB2, MS SQL and PC files. For this I have installed oracle client on the same machine and let me know if i need to install DB2 & MS SQL as well? As per earlier knowledge I checked/tried configuring using SASSETUP utility which is in SASFoundation but there i'm not getting various options to perform product specific configuration and having only renew SAS software option. Also i checked using deployment manager under administrator tasks and options are not coming to configure SAS/ACCESS. I'm not sure if its different in SAS9.4 and how it works.So can some one please help me in configuring the SAS/ACCESS components.

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Maheswara Reddy Talla

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Re: SAS9.4 product specific configuration for SAS/ACCESS

In 9.4, configuring SAS/ACCESS to Oracle is indeed done using the SAS Deployment Manager.  If you have installed ACCESS to Oracle on a UNIX system (using the SAS Deployment Wizard), you should see an option labeled "Configure SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle" on the SAS Deployment Manager menu (alongside any other ACCESS products you may have installed on that machine).  Information on this feature is documented in the SAS Deployment Wizard and SAS Deployment Manager 9.4: User's Guide.

If you're not seeing this option, and you've verified that ACCESS to Oracle is indeed installed on the system, you'll likely want to give Tech Support a call.

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Re: SAS9.4 product specific configuration for SAS/ACCESS

Hi Maheswara. In addition to setting up symbolic links and defining the version of Oracle installed by running the task in the SAS Deployment Manager as Mark described, you will also want to refer to Chapter 9 of this guide on SAS' support site: Environment variables in this section are best managed by defining them in the sasenv_local file under <SASHome>/SASFoundation/9.4/bin.

The ACCESS team in SAS Technical Support will be able to assist you with any issues you have defining variables. I believe they also can tell you about a utility provided by Oracle that help you ensure things on that end are setup correctly. If that's not done right the Access to Oracle component won't work for you.

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Re: SAS9.4 product specific configuration for SAS/ACCESS

You will need to install the client software for each SAS/access software by the sdw. You will also need to install the client software of each dbms system and configure that accordingly to other configuration settings. For Oracle and DB2 they exist at Unix.  For ms - sql you have to move into a odbc approach as ms is not delivering any client for Unix.  With the pcfiles server you are needing an additional windows machine as it runs only there.

Global environment var can be set at that local_env script. That is better than trying to force that at a global machine level by root.

Still having the disadvantage of possible in lunch on the metadatserver. You could also set the sas/access evironment settings at the sasapp local environment script. It is more fine grain control offering more isolation

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