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SAS9.4 Backup and Recovery Tool

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SAS9.4 Backup and Recovery Tool



Using SAS9.4 backup & recovery tool, is it required to keep Metadata server on non-clustured mode before I run "sas-backup" command?.


I guess using sas-backup it is not just metadata gets backed up, all other components in the environment will be backup.



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Re: SAS9.4 Backup and Recovery Tool

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You can keep your cluster running when executing a scheduled or ad hoc backup.  However, when your *recover* from a backup, you must shut down your cluster, recover one of the nodes in the cluster, and then bring your cluster back up.  The recovery will then propagate to the other clustered nodes.


See the "Backing up a Clustered Metadata Server" and "Recovering a Clustered Metadata Server" sections in Managing a Clustered Metadata Server of the System Administration Guide).

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