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SAS workspace issue

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SAS workspace issue

we noted that some of terminate EG process in metadata server still accessing deleted files in workspace drive(we using quick file system)  and caused the disk space to be reserved. Is that any ways to solve this issue as we only have option to reboot the server to free up the disk space. Thank

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Re: SAS workspace issue

user cleanwork utility by sas

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Re: SAS workspace issue



Cleanwork is an option when there are no phantom SAS sessions. Your case sounds a lot as your users are terminating SAS sessions on EG, but you have some running sessions in the servers, which they don't really exist.


It is a best practice to check, from time to time, which running SAS user sessions actually correspond to real User sessions.


You can do this by scripting, or you can check the ESM tool provided by Boemska

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