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SAS use in IT

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SAS use in IT

Can Someone Advise me, what kind of project I can do with SAS in IT as I have to submit  A MBA (IT) Project or help me with some demo Projects or site or some materials link as I am desperate to do project on SAS .

Any Help is highly Appreciable .

Thank  in advance .

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Re: SAS use in IT

One thing you could look at is monitoring and prediction of consumption of IT resources. Most IT environments pump out massive amounts of data about their operations, and SAS is a great tool for manipulating and then analysing that data. What about setting up a "monitoring panel" for IT resources, to calculate quantities by dates and users, project future usage, and signal when resource usage is reaching max.


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Re: SAS use in IT

Actually problem is guidelines and way of execution to start it ,
I Need some demo example so that i use that and build my own  .

As in my place SAS is not a common tool and i am not able to find a person who can guide me .well you know where i can see some helpful materials to understand the need and the way to use in my project .

Thank Tom

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Re: SAS use in IT

You need to provide way more details of what you're look for. Include some definitions of what IT is to you, because it's different to everyone and in different companies.  Please be as specific as possible.

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