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SAS upgrade from 9.4 M3 to M4

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SAS upgrade from 9.4 M3 to M4

We are facing an issue while upgrading from M3 to M4. We are doing this using SAS Migartion utlitity and post Instalation/configuration , the migration folder doesn't create a GridServer folder at all SASApp servers. If we try to cpoy paste the folder from old server we are able to validate the grid.


If we install with SMU package the gridserver is there and we can validate grid. but I am not sure if this is correct process to do it.

Please guide if any one have similar issues in past.

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Re: SAS upgrade from 9.4 M3 to M4

I prefer to perform a new SAS installation and use partial promotion instead of the SMU.

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Re: SAS upgrade from 9.4 M3 to M4


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