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SAS timeout Best Practices

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SAS timeout Best Practices

Does anyone know of or have a "best practices" as far as SAS servers and the sesson timeout settings.  Ours is currently set to 60 mins and causes problems when people go for lunch and then have to sign back on to the session.  Looking for something around what the best practices are for balancing user requirements against network security.

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Re: SAS timeout Best Practices

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What type of seesions are you referring to? My guess is SAS/Studio as there is a 1 hour default in the settings for this. Best practice would depend on a number of factors including how users work with SAS and also site security requirements. For example you can now run batch jobs from SAS/Studio - if SAS times out before the batch job completes then that isn't very convenient.


I would suggest setting timeouts to at least cover a working day, say 8 hours. IT Security might have different ideas.


Note also that SAS might also be affected by external network and communications related timeouts as well.

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Re: SAS timeout Best Practices

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You can max it out at 240 hours.  That's what we use...

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