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SAS on zlinux

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SAS on zlinux

Dear All,


 Do you know if SAS is supporting the zLinux environment? Can we install '32 bit or 64 bit Linux' compatible SAS on zlinux Operating System? Please let me know if someone has the answer for this question.


Thank you.



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Re: SAS on zlinux

Here's a link to officially supported operating systems:


zLinux is not listed. That doesn't necessarily mean it won't work, but it does mean you would not be officially supported by SAS on this OS.

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Re: SAS on zlinux

SAS for Linux supports X64 (Intel/AMD) hardware, but not the zSeries processors. For the zSeries, SAS runs on z/OS.

Same on pSeries, there you have to use AIX for SAS.

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