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SAS on Macbook Air (2011)

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SAS on Macbook Air (2011)


I've previously run SAS on Intel based Macs using VMware to virtualize Windows XP and have never had any problems. 

I've changed to a new Macbook air and ahve install VMWare and Windows as previously.  However when I come to deploy SAS I am informed that the SID data file is "not valid for the platform of my machine." 

I've previously used this data file to update my SAS licence on my old laptop using the same setup (but HDD not SSD).  No problems there.

Does anyone know if my problems are due to moving to an SSD / known Macbook Air issue or if they are due to something easier to resolve?

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SAS on Macbook Air (2011)

Is it possible your license is for 32-bit Windows, and you're now running a 64-bit VM on your new Macbook Air?  That would result in the "not valid for the platform" message.

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SAS on Macbook Air (2011)

The initial time I received that error it was because I had XP HOME not professional.

The second time was a bad SID file from the administrator.

It sounds like neither of those might be your problem but thought I'd mention them anyways.

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SAS on Macbook Air (2011)

Thanks Mark and Reeza. 

I'm still not certain what the problem was as it was the same copy of XP as previously used. 

I've worked around the problem by installing with the expired SID file and then updating the licence with the current SID file. 

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