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SAS metadata folder link with HDFS path

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SAS metadata folder link with HDFS path



I have created custom folder structure on SAS metadata through SMC and applied security model. In those folders one of them is Data(HDFS). Can I link this folder to HDFS ( hadoop ) path?. The Data(HDFS) folder location should be on HDFS ? will it possible or not? . Please advise.





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Re: SAS metadata folder link with HDFS path

Hi Chery,


First question that I have is do you have Access to Hadoop, and what security model is in place that you are referencing.  In theory, yes you can define HDFS libraries in your metadata for data libraries, but need more information to help configure it correctly.




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Re: SAS metadata folder link with HDFS path

No you can't link it per se.
Metadata folders are different than physical folders. They are merely placeholders to group meta data objects logically and can be used for authorization purposes.
But you can manually place your meta data objects that corresponds to physical objects in a specific path in hdfs. There is no meta data object for a physical file path (that I know of...) But if you refer to as @john_mccue suggests Hive tables, the Hive library is a meta data object itself.
Since there is no linking functionality you might want to register new meta data as an automated process, which could be accomplished via proc metalib.
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