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SAS license expiration.

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SAS license expiration.



I need some help about SAS license expiration. I am working remotely for a client, I got a warning message at the sas log indicating that I have to renew my sas license by 11th of this August. I have raised a request for the update in my organization.


However, I would like to know, what will happen if the software is not renewed in time. After Expiration, How/Whom can I ask for the renewal?



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Re: SAS license expiration.

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Pls contact SAS Software representative at

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Re: SAS license expiration.

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Depending on which message you are getting there may be a grace period of a few days after the expiration date that SAS will continue to run. The log will be full of warnings that you are in the grace period if there is one.


After the grace period expires you basically will not be able to run any SAS work, data step, procedures, anything. Every attempt wll get a "license expired" of some flavor.


Best, contact SAS and get the license renewed.

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