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SAS inquiry

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SAS inquiry

I have a question regarding automating SAS programs. I have a program in SAS I run weekly that uses SAS Autoexec process. I would like to fully automate this process by doing like a timed run on my computer; and if I move the process to someone else, would like to have it run on their computer on a weekly basis. Do I have SAS user rights to do something like this?

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Re: SAS inquiry


Is your program running locally on your computer or are you just kicking it off from your computer to run on a SAS server? If local, each person would need a license for SAS on their own machine to run the program. If on a server, your organization likely has client licenses for the software that would be used to submit the program (such as SAS Enterprise Guide). Please provide a little more detail about your environment and it will be easier to give a more conclusive answer.



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Re: SAS inquiry

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I usually open the SAS program, it connects to SAS App server, the Autoexec prompt comes on to ask if I want to automatically run the entire program, I say yes, its done.

Ideally, I would like for the SAS program to run on my computer and connect to the server without me having to open up the program each week.

I can get rid of the auto prompt if timing this task to run on time each week.

Is this possible with my SAS user rights?

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Re: SAS inquiry

You autoexec prompt is one coming from the autoexec flow in Eguide. That one is living interactive with you Eguide project start.
Scheduling batch jobs on a server is about organizing your code on the server and have that run on your server. As your seever administrators for support in that.

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