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SAS and PGP Encryption

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SAS and PGP Encryption

  HI guys,

Does anyone have experience to use PGP to encrypt a file through SAS?

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Re: SAS and PGP Encryption

If you do want to encrypt files as endpoint protection (strored on dasd).

SAS datasets:

These can be encrypted for a long time. It is the encrypt=yes dataset option where the read password is functioning as a salt.

With 9.4 enhancements are made and you can use AES SAS(R) 9.4 Data Set Options: Reference, Second Edition needing an encryptkey value

I thought seen new and advanced options, cannot find them back  


There is a problem with encrypted datasets. When you acess them for update and adding a record the encryption setting can get broken (noticed with EG 5.1).

Generic data:

data SAS can read/write (flat file rtf pdf html xml external DBMS) These are out of scope for SAS and additional actions are needed when necessary.
You could use PGP as en external program being called (X-cmd). It is a technical integration question outside SAS 


The encryption over the wire (traffic) is better documented.

It is not what the question is about if you are mentioning PGP or ... ?

Encryption in SAS(R) 9.4, Third Edition   As a whole the security awareness, design & architecture and implementation is not aligned to common required by business policies.

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