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SAS Visual Analytics

I have SQL database named as TESTDB. I want to connect it with SAS Visual Analytic througah Prepare Data Connection. How do i make connection ? Lets say after making connection with the database, I want to explore data for making the report. Is it all data with data table structure in once for doing in - memory analytic ? how do it refresh the data as my database is updated after sometime ? Is it only update the remaining updation part or it will  reload the data again ? Please let me know if there any document or ppt  is available.

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics

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SAS(R) Visual Analytics 6.2: User's Guide (About Access to DBMS Data)

Is build on top of the metdataserver and sas-base. That part should be familiar

The high performance part is the new one part.

SAS(R) Visual Analytics 6.2: User's Guide (Loading a Table to SAS LASR Analytic Server)

Hadoop is a little bit different compared to old DBMS approaches. The cube building of Kimball/Inmon is solved different, not the heavy loaded preparation part on that anymore. Does this help?

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics

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You can create a ODBC or SQL Server library that can point to that data that you wish to load.  I have enclosed an example from another blog:  Setting up DBMS servers - SAS Users Groups.  Once you create that library in SAS management console then you should be able to point to an SQL database and load a table from that library(One table at a time).  The steps might be different on a Linux environment , but the blog I have enclosed is a good framework for you to start down your path.

Once you have the table in a library you interact with no differently than you would with a SAS dataset that you would lift directly into memory from the VA Administrator\Manage Environment utility.  You can also interact with that table from the Database in Visual Data builder in the same fashion as if it were a SAS dataset.  Please let me know if there are further questions.

I also would invite you to join the new SAS community for SAS Visual Analytics.  

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