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SAS Visual Analytics deployment on single machine

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SAS Visual Analytics deployment on single machine


Is it possible to deploy a SAS Visual Analyitcs 6.2 (non-distributed node) on a single machine running Windows server 2008 x64?

The standard deployment plan for SAS Visual Analytics includes two machines: I don't know if it is possible to use this plan on a single machine (by launching the SAS Deployment Wizard two times, I guess).

Please consider that the maximum number of users will be 4/5 people at maximum. Even if the deployment onto a single machine would be feasible, would it be advisable too?

I'm also concerned on the hardware resources: the memory particularly.

The System Requirements for SAS 9.4 Foundation (win x64) document advices 16 GB of memory, while the "SAS Visual Analyitcs 6.2 (non-distributed node)" seems to require 8GB of RAM.

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics deployment on single machine


The minimum requirement is 4GB or RAM, but keep in mind that memory requireiments for any SAS solution are based on the software mix you will deploying at your site and they data usage you expect to be using for VA.

You can deploy VA on a single machine using the standard plan, however it is highly recommend to deploy the Metadata Server on a seperate 64bit machine if possible. Yes the 9.4 Requirements to SAS is 16GB RAM, this is to ensure high performance and again will be based on the product mix you will deploy to your server and the workload your will be processing with SAS.

Sorry, but it's a catch 22 situation, if unsure you can always involve SAS for recommendation.

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics deployment on single machine

We have installed VA on a single machine for customer, and I can't say that there are any issues with that configuration.

For memory, SAS itself consumes quite small amount of memory. What drives memory are the web applications server, data volumes and processing. No of users itself doesn't consume memory, it's the work they're doing.

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