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SAS VA 7.3 LASR Auto start option

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SAS VA 7.3 LASR Auto start option

Hi, We are using SAS VA 7.3 non-distributed...can any one please let us know how to enable auto start option for LASR Admin and public services. Regards, Reddy
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Re: SAS VA 7.3 LASR Auto start option

The SAS Visual Analytics Administration Guide has information about autostart beginning on page 7:


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Re: SAS VA 7.3 LASR Auto start option

Hi @ksuman,


as @Madelyn_SAS mentioned, everything is explained on the Administration Guide. Did you had the chance to read it? Did it helped?


Just in case, a summary:

- For the general SAS Services, there are instructions on the sas.servers script (on your Lev1 folder)

- For the Public LASR server, it will be automatically started if the server is off, as soon as one of the Autoload scripts will be triggered. Do you have any Autoload folder?

- For the "private" LASR server, you can attach an Autoload folder, use the Reload on Start functionality... and, worst case scenario, you can script the start fo the server and schedule the script.  

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