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SAS Universal Viewer Response File

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SAS Universal Viewer Response File

Can anyone tell me or point me in the direction on how to create a response file for the SAS Universal Viewer 1.42.1420? In the command line I typed setup.exe -record, went through the setup to install the SUV. Everything installed correctly but I don't know where the response file was created or if I even did it the correct way. I've spent too much time researching forums and there's nothing I can easily refer to in the installation documentation. 





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Re: SAS Universal Viewer Response File

Hello @TyBar,


if you did not specified a location and name of the file, the SAS Deployment Wizard (SDW) will create it by default on your user home directory with a name as or so.


My best suggestion is to provide a path and a name, then you are in control, eg: setup.exe -record -responsefile "X:\my_directory_path\".


For more information:


Hope it helps, TB,


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