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SAS Talks Webinar - SAS 9.4: What's New for SAS Admins

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SAS Talks Webinar - SAS 9.4: What's New for SAS Admins

This SAS Talks webinar is laser-focused on enhancements and changes that will interest SAS administrators. Specifically, we'll highlight how the new release reduces your dependence on IT with new management capabilities and administration tools.

  • SAS Environment Manager, a new monitoring and management system for SAS deployments.
  • A metadata server clustering feature that provides redundancy and high availability of the metadata server – a core component of the SAS infrastructure.
  • The deployment backup and recovery tool, which provides an integrated method for backing up and recovering SAS content across multiple tiers and machines.
  • More ways to secure your SAS environment with the inclusion of SAS/SECURE™ with Base SAS and the ability to enforce permissions defined on SAS data with metadata-bound libraries.

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