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SAS Server Re-platform

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SAS Server Re-platform

We are in the process of replatroming our SAS server.  It is a Solaris 10, with SAS 9.2 installed on SAN.  The plan is to build the new server and connect the SAS from the old server.  With this, the server name will change as well as the users IDs.  I need to build a plan on what needs to be done, and how long.  Has anyone gone through this in the past.  Any advice/thinks to watch out for would be appreciated.

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SAS Server Re-platform

This sounds more like a Solaris (Unix) adminstration issue than a SAS one, though SAS has a group that can help you size a server for your needs.  One thing to be aware of is that the SAS license from your old server may not be appropriate for your new one, so it is worth contacting your SAS Sales rep too.

Our Solaris SAS installs don't use the user-id in any substantive way, so changing user ids may just be Unix Admin issues (renaming home directories, mapping groups, and setting permissions) and not involve SAS at all.

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SAS Server Re-platform

It would be helpful to know:

1) Operating system and SAS version of old server.

2) How your users interface with SAS: EG, Display Manager, ADO, Web browser, Enterprise Miner client etc.

If your new server has a different SAS version and/or operating system to the old server then you will need to take those differences into account during transition.

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SAS Server Re-platform

Also SAS has heaps of resources covering this topic.

Here's a good starting point:

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