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SAS Multiple Cuncurrent Upgraddes

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SAS Multiple Cuncurrent Upgraddes

Hi All:

We are planning to:

1) Upgrade from 9.1 to 9.3,

2) Upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit

3) Upgrade from a teeny tiny server to a great big server

All at the same time (it is a "management decision").

We currently run 9.3 on one of our development boxes and have found (and resolved) a few minor problems.  I would like to try

to avoid any major problems with this conversion, if possible.  We have a boat load of production jobs that currently run in our

9.1 environment - what would be the "best practice" for testing?

Does anyone have any notes / comments / experiences that they would like to share?  I would appreciate anything that would

make my life easier.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: SAS Multiple Cuncurrent Upgraddes

About the migration itself, there are lots of information on

Apart from that - new server sounds great. Just run your jobs (and applications) in paralel and compare the results...

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Re: SAS Multiple Cuncurrent Upgraddes


New server might be fun.

We have run a number of our jobs using 9.3 on our current server.  Since we create a lot of formatted Excel spreadsheets and HTML documents, I've noticed that the "cosmetics" of the results change so we just can't "eyeball" the reports to insure they are the same.

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Re: SAS Multiple Cuncurrent Upgraddes

Check out Chris H's comments on 64 bit SAS:  The top gotchas when moving to 64-bit SAS for Windows - The SAS Dummy

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