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I am using SAS Mobile BI App but I am able to login using SASDEMO user credentials but we are unable to login using our LDAP username and password. getting popup as ID or Password is incorrect. what can be done in this situation.



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IIRC, there are two ways to use LDAP credentials to log on to SAS:

- set up an additional authentication domain in SAS metadata that describes a LDAP connection; you can then use username@authentication_domain to log into SAS. The OS does not need to have a definition for that user, either locally or through LDAP. Won't work for ordinary workspace servers, as those need local resources belonging to the user. Is good for WRS and STP server.

- have the operating system use LDAP as authentication source. Once the auth request from SAS comes, the OS then uses LDAP to authenticate the user. @authentication_domain is not necessary, as for SAS this is the default.

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