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SAS Migration from 9.1 to 9.3

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SAS Migration from 9.1 to 9.3


I have a task of migrating the Base SAS from 9.1 to 9.3. Along with the migration i have an additional challenge of changing the Platform which is currently Windows 2003 to Linux. How big a challenge is it to perform both together?

Is there any specific Implementation Guide available to support this activity?

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Re: SAS Migration from 9.1 to 9.3

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Did you already reviewed?

- Migration: Planning

- Migration: Moving to SAS 9.4    Migrating to 9.4 is better is 9.3 is becoming already old, but you may be need 9.3

All depends what is running at the moment and has to be migrated.

+ When there is SAS metadata at 9.1.3 you can decide to build that all from fresh or doing a migrate of the content.

    Migration of SAS metadata content is a major action to do (when needed).  To be analyze and planned separately.

+ Hardware capacity should be planned and chosen accordingly


+ SAS is a C/S approach. You cannot segregate the Clients from the Server services.

  Which clients are needed there are several with different behavior  Eguide/AMO (.Net) and the JVM ones (SMC DI information map etc)

+ Migrating Windows to Unix is changing the OS, for real SAS code not an issue. But when user have used a lot of Windows specifics and hardcoded physical names that is a big issue.

   You have to get clear on that and eliminate those issues

+ Not all functionality can be migrated from Windows to Unix. It can be you are still needing Base Foundation on Windows

   I know this for SCL (old part of AF) but also seen that for the new interactive graphics designer  (menu item in Eguide). Dedicated interfaces to PC based types are possible.

   Integrating to open web-access can get restricted on a server (SASHFADD)

+ is there a need to implement PC-files server (dedicated Windows types to be run on a win-server) 

What are the requirements for:

+ a release management process (business environment) with a DTAP approach

+ an version management process when having many developers (version management is on avoiding development conflicts) 

+ security segregations with a RBAC connection

+ SIEM (security information &event monitoring) with an Incident response process 

Sorry for giving some answers but asking more questions.

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Re: SAS Migration from 9.1 to 9.3

I agree with Jaap. A SAS upgrade and migration is quite a major task so why not consider going to the latest SAS release SAS 9.4 M2? If you don't use SAS metadata in SAS 9.1.3 then all you need to migrate is code and data so there is no problem jumping straight to SAS 9.4.

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