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SAS Mid Tier and Dynatrace

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SAS Mid Tier and Dynatrace

Good monring,

    I have been asked to research using Dynatrace to monitor our SAS Middle Tier.  Does anyone have experience setting this up?  They gave me an option line to add to the jvms.  I don't want to add anything that will cause issues.


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Re: SAS Mid Tier and Dynatrace



officially it is not supported!!!  Maybe another community member has implemented it and can give you some 'backdoor" advice.


Take a look at SAS Environment Manager, to see if this would be an alternative for you.




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Re: SAS Mid Tier and Dynatrace

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I know about Dynatrace, and indeed, it is not officially supported by SAS. This means that this is your server, and Dynatrace is a neat and an expensive monitoring tool that can trace anything at your network (so I guess that if your company is investing on this tool, probably they wan it to be integrated within SAS as policy). but if you have troubles with the configuration, SAS Technical Support might not be able to help you towards the solution. A risk to manage.


In case you still want/need to implement the Dynatrace monitoring on the JVM, you need to keep in mind that the JVMs will use additional memory and most probably also additional connections. Therefore:


- do not apply the first/test changes on a production environment!

- the environment you will apply the changes for first time, have a good backup of the configurations you will change, to be able to roll back if requried.

- document all the variables on configuration you will change, on all the environments (they can be different, therefore different adjustments might be required)

- you will need to ask your Dynatrace advisors for the additional changes on the JVM, such as the memsize, maxmemsize, permsize, maxpermsize, connections, etc etc. If they cannnot answer those questions, I would definetely not apply any change at all.

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