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SAS Management console 9.4 does not open

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SAS Management console 9.4 does not open



I have any issue with SMC,I installed recently SAS 9.4 successfully without any issues on my machine.

for the first 2 times SMC  opened without any issues,but after that when I tried to open SMC the 

management console screen launches but it never moves further it stays at the first screen only for 

hours and the screen won't go away until I reboot.

but sometimes when the screen stays there only and if I try to open SMC once again 

it opens but the first screen will stay there only it won't go until I reboot.


I think it could be Java related since SMC is Java based client.


currently below Java versions installed on my machine and I have SMC 9.3 that works perfectly 

on same not sure whether below versions are supported or not for SMC 9.4



Java 6 update 24

Java 6 update 43 


am not sure where it's going wrong,I would appreciate if you can help me with this issue


Thank you 


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Re: SAS Management console 9.4 does not open

Start looking into logs: Metadata server, SMC client and even Windows event logs.
A reinstall of the client sometimes solves issues like this.
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Re: SAS Management console 9.4 does not open

I have already reinstalled SMC on my machine,but that did not resolve the issue.
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Re: SAS Management console 9.4 does not open



have you looked at the log files, and Win event viewer, to see if there is something that would give you information on what might be going on?


Next step would be to open a ticket with Tech Sup.




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