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SAS License Metrics Measurement

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SAS License Metrics Measurement

Hi All,

Good Day.

I’m Daemon, a Platform Manager using a SAS-based ecosystem composed of the ff SAS Licenses/Modules

ESP - Core Based

RTDM - Decision Based

MA - CER Based
VA - Core Based
DI - Core Based
MO - CER Based

CI360 - Session ID
Platform Suite 

Unfortunately our SAS partner is unable to share to my team how to measure license usage for those listed.

Given this, has anyone here have had an experience on how to measure these in the ff perspective
- overall usage
- per use case/workflow


Would appreciate the SAS communities help here. 

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Re: SAS License Metrics Measurement

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Hi @daemon1025,


First of all, I think this question is best suited for SAS Technical Support. In other hand, here is what I know, so far:


Second, here is what I know regarding metrics on those:


- Core based: easy, the cores on the machine where you installed SAS. See

All the others, are more a legal than a technical restriction on the license.


- Decision based: you will need to query your database to see the amount of Decisions created.

- CER based: not sure about the meaning of CER... campaings? If yes, you will need to query your DB to know the amount of campaings (Campaign_SK)

- Session ID: unfortunately, I am not close to CI360. If Session ID means concurrent sessions, you might want to measure the JMX values for the CI360 web app, based on session Ids.


Besides all of this, and while it does not answer your question directly, I am sure you will find it useful: there is a paper that explains how to measure the usage of each product, which can be useful for extending or reducing licenses, or for backcharging departments.


Tracking SAS Licensed product usage


Is this of any help? Also, not sure if this answer your question a bit.

Again, I think you better check this with the SAS teams, I am sure they will help you better.

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