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SAS JAVA error message

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SAS JAVA error message

SAS version: 9.4

OS: windows 7

When I try to connect oracle database through, I get the error message below.

Error: The SAS/ACCESS Interface to ORACLE cannot be loaded.  ERROR: Image SASDRA found but not loadable..

Please make sure Oracle environment is set correctly.

Look in the install/Config doc for additional info for your platform.

Other possible reasons - incomplete ORacle client install, 32/64-bit mismatch between Oracle client &SAS, incorrect Oracle client verstion(Oracle client must match the version picked during post-install process), incompatible sasora for your OS or its attribs don't permit SAS to load it.

my best guess, my oracle version is 64bit, not 32.

Please help.

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Re: SAS JAVA error message

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did you checked out lready this SAS Support link? 

This is reporting your error and mentioning it is fixed on SAS 9.4 M1 for Windows 7. 

It also described the workaround, so you can keep working before you apply hotfixes or apply the latest maintenance.


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