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SAS ITRM better MXG Support ?

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SAS ITRM better MXG Support ?

SAS ITRM  should support actual MXG releases at a regulary basis.

For example it should always support the annual MXG release like 30.30 or 31.31 and so on ?  

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Re: SAS ITRM better MXG Support ?

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Mr. Seifert,

  The ITRM product team received the recommendation to support MXG annual releases per your conversations with the SAS Germany Account team and recorded that information in our requirements management system .  Our solution development team is taking steps to stream line the process of allowing ITRM to support MXG releases and we are very hopeful that the results will allow us to deliver updates to ITRM MXG based adapters in a more timely fashion.  

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