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SAS IDP with Grid

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SAS IDP with Grid

Hello Friends, 


Please advise, Currently we had new GRID environment SAS 9.4 with Linux red hat with 2 nodes (Linux). We, users are dispatching jobs via command line and via Cron facility. Can we use SAS Information Delivery Portal to see logs/execute jobs and so?


How web applications works with Grid? - please help...




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Re: SAS IDP with Grid



most users I work with use EGuide to run jobs "against" Grid and/or schedule.

You mention that you'd like to see log files via IDP?


Is your question about Grid administration? (inlcuding troubleshooting, log files etc.)

What SAS clients are your users using?


How is your environment configured, are web services running on the GRID, or is your middle-tier set up

to be clustered?





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Re: SAS IDP with Grid

Thanks Anja, 


we like to use SAS IDP to execute jobs, see logs. Users use EG/DI studio so far. However we like to have SAS IDP (web) to execute jobs/see logs. we have 1 master server and 2 nodes where client has eg/di studio/base sas. We like to add IDP to execute jobs/see logs, can we do that?




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