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SAS IDP NUMBER logged in in the portal

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SAS IDP NUMBER logged in in the portal


hi all, 


I want to know how many user are logged in to SAS IDP portal ? is there any way to find out same using SAS SMC ?

O/s env:- Linux 

SAS version :- 9.3


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Re: SAS IDP NUMBER logged in in the portal

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Hello @MG18,


no, definitely not with SMC. If you were on SAS 9.4, i would tell you: with the SAS Environment Manager, but you are not, unfortunately.


I think the best you can do is to see if you have enabled JMX services on your Web Application Server (jboss? WebLogic? WebSphere? and.. what version?). If you do, you can connect to JMX with jconsole


Another option is to parse your lDP log, parse it, so you get logins and logouts, and keep track of the logged out session, so you get only the currently logged in.

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