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SAS Grid Server Logs

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SAS Grid Server Logs

Are the SAS Grid log formats documented anywhere??  I would like to use them for reporting and need to see the format for them. I am interested in the following logs:

  • ObjectSpawner Logs for compute nodes
  • SASApp_WorkspaceServer Logs for compute node


Listed here is a sample of the logs that are generated on our server:


5711478 Feb  4 15:15 ObjectSpawner_console_sascn1.log

423144 Feb  4 15:15 ObjectSpawner_2016-02-04_sascn1_2286.log

-263655 Feb  4 15:15 ObjectSpawner_2016-02-04_sascn2_26536.log

278765 Feb  4 15:16 SASApp_WorkspaceServer_2016-02-04_sascn2_23745.log

430665 Feb  4 15:16 SASApp_WorkspaceServer_2016-02-04_sascn3_21093.log

173366 Feb  4 15:17 SASApp_WorkspaceServer_2016-02-04_sascn3_13319.log

649413 Feb  4 15:17 webinfdsvrc-2016-02-04_000000.log

400844 Feb  4 15:17 SASApp_WorkspaceServer_2016-02-04_sascn1_8311.log


Any help would appreciated,

Jim Glover


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Re: SAS Grid Server Logs

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Hi Jim,


I believe that what you need is the logconfig.xml file that is under each ObjectSpawner and SAS servers as the SAS Workspace Server.


Please find the official documentation here:


But in short:

- those xml have a line as :   <param name="FileNamePattern" value="E:\SASLogs\Lev3\ObjectSpawner_%d_%S{hostname}_%S{pid}.log"/> and other lines where you can change any configuration of the log.


- For the  SAS servers under SASApp

 - to take the configuration effect, you need to ensure that your sasv9.cfg or your sasv9_usermods.cfg (if you need to make a change, better on the usermods, otherwise your change will be lost on your next platform update or migration) has a line as:

-logconfigloc "E:\SAS\Config\Lev3\SASAppFF\WorkspaceServer\logconfig.xml"


Then, when you make the change, if you restart the Object spawner (or refresh the SASApp from the SAS Management Console, which has a minumum impact on your user sessions), the changes will take effect.

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