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SAS Grid Performance Reporting

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SAS Grid Performance Reporting

Just completed the deployment of our SAS users from PC licenses to the Grid. I now want to start producing some reporting on the grid usage.  I am currently trying to understand the RTM tool for reporting, but does not seem to be very user friendly.  I cannot discover how to produce reports and graphs that I can publish to my mamagement.  The graphs show up on the RTM dashboard, but cannot be published or sent out. I also would like to extract data from RTM/LSF if possible and use SAS to produce some reports and charts.


I have the following questions:

1. Does anybody have any information or can point me to some documents on performance reporting for the SAS Grid?

2. Is it possible to extract RTM data for external reporting?

3. Can RTM based graphs be published?

4. I see the option for downloading the graphs in CSV format, but the file it produces does not have any recognizeable data. Any thoughts or suggestions on this?


Hope somebody can assist.


Jim Glover

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Re: SAS Grid Performance Reporting

What SAS version are you using? SAS 9.4 has a lot of performance monitoring enhancements compared to 9.3.

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Re: SAS Grid Performance Reporting

Hi! This reply might be after a long time but just want to know weather you found a way. If so can you please share your experience. Might be helpful for me.



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Re: SAS Grid Performance Reporting

If you are using SAS 9.4 then Environment Manager contains a lot of performance reporting as standard:


You can find out about topics like this yourself by searching the SAS Support pages, which is exactly what I did.

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