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SAS - Error with Lineair regression on SAS Enterprise Guide

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SAS - Error with Lineair regression on SAS Enterprise Guide

Hi All,

When I execute the Linear Regression on a dataset of Teradata Library I am getting following Error Message.

ERROR: None of the following SAS-supplied 3 UDFs that are used by the procedure have been published:


NOTE: Cannot use SQL for in-database computation for the data set DATA=AMI_CMB.KTV_trans.DATA for the following reason:

      3 of the following SAS UDF(s) are required but not found in SYSLIB or the current database: 'SAS_LITTLEENDIAN','SAS_TACORR',


ERROR: The script file for FastExport could not be written out to the local filesystem.

Note: When I run Linear Regression on general dataset sas library i.e like sashelp  Class, its working fine.

It seems that something needs to be done with Teradata library, with UDF's

Please Help me in Resolving this Issue.

I am using SAS EG 5.1

Thanks in Advance

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Re: SAS - Error with Lineair regression on SAS Enterprise Guide

What keeps you from importing the Teradata table with a simple proc sql or data step first and then running the regression on the SAS dataset?

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Re: SAS - Error with Lineair regression on SAS Enterprise Guide

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Teradata is a grid solution with many amps processes and nodes. It is better to keep the data there in Teradata and run the processes there as of in-database processing options.

You conclusion is correct there is something wrong with those UDf's. Teradata can be connected to Mainframes and Unix/Linux. That is the Endianness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .   As you are getting that message the accelerator is licensed and installed at SAS but not found at Teradata SAS Analytics Accelerator for Teradata.

It could be not installed at all Teradata nodes in the cases you are getting that message intermittent with exact the same code and same data.
Anyway have checked the prereqs are done SAS(R) 9.4 In-Database Products: Administrator's Guide, Fifth Edition (installation at TD) and your sas options are accordinglyc

See Also chapter 9 of:

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