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SAS Environment manager alerts stops

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SAS Environment manager alerts stops



We had a running SAS Environment manager setup. But all of a sudden today I found that SAS EVM web link is opening. But there are no alerts and messages in the graph or data available in reports. 


We are using windows serves with SAS 9.4 where SAS EVM services are running on a different server. And SAS services running on different server. Both servers are in the same network and I think "SAS Environment manager agent "is the service which is responsible for providing data to SAS EVM weblink. This service is running fine on both the servers. Could someone figure out what could be the issue here.

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Re: SAS Environment manager alerts stops

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There could be a number of issues here, but I'm going to assume the problem is with the agent reporting data to SAS Environment Manager.  Please check the wrapper.log and agent.log files in:




If the information provided in these logs doesn't prove useful, I believe your next step would be to contact SAS Technical Support.

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