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SAS Environment Manager 2.5: Unable to validate / initialize

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SAS Environment Manager 2.5: Unable to validate / initialize



We have recently migrated from SAS 9.2 to SAS 9.4 and installed SAS Env Mgr 2.5 in our new environment.


Based on the quick start guide for SAS Env Mgr, we tried to configure SAS Env Mgr to enable monitoring of our SAS servers. However we were not able to pass thru the first step, which is – level 2.


When we run the we receive the following error


-bash-3.2$ ./ --level 2

Service Architecture Validation - Thu Feb 25 12:04:21 SGT 2016

Starting level 1 validation...

Level 1 validation completed with 0 error(s)

Starting extended level 2 validation (this could take a while)...


Service Architecture validation completed with 3 error(s)


        1) No [SAS Environment Manager Data Mart 9.4] resources found

        2) No [SAS System Info] resources found

        3) The SAS Environment Manager Server is unable to process additional tasks at this time. This may be due to high change request volume. If the server has recently been (re)started, it may be synchronizing with its Agents. This process could take up to an hour.

Please try again at a later time to validate your environment.


The log file states as "Unable to find a SAS Environment Manager Data Mart 9.4 Log Centralization resource". 


Can anyone help?

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Re: SAS Environment Manager 2.5: Unable to validate / initialize



is your deployment working with SSL/HTTPS?


Could you read and followed the Post-Configuration Steps on your Instructions.html after your configuration?


I mention this, because to me it looks very much as:

-  there is no communication between the SAS Environment Agents with the SAS Env. Manager Server through sasevs@saspw (which is normally solved through following those steps in Instructions.html)

- the – level 2 it sounds to me a lot as part of the quick start guide named : SAS_Environment_Manager_Service_Architecture_Quickstart.pdf. Is this the case?


If you are following the document SAS_Environment_Manager_Service_Architecture_Quickstart.pdf, this is for setting up the EMI framework, which is is a log collection and reporting area of the SAS Environment Manager, but it is not the SAS Environment Manager (the monitoring tool) itself.


I hope that this can help to clarify a bit. Let us if you have more questions and how it goes.

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